Sewer System Inspection rehabilitation in 10459 Zip Code
Types of Sewer System Functions

Sewer Systems have been around for centuries. During the Middle Ages of Europe and until this day they are used to remove human fecal and urine waste to a disposable location. Unattended human waste has been known to cause disease and plagues which is why it is important for every city and community to keep a sustainable and up to date sewer system for their residents to use. Among the functions necessitated by a sewer system are regular inspections, rehabilitation and upgrades as well as sewage treatment facilities.

  • Regular inspections of city sewer systems ensures that the residual waste has not backed up, all needed repairs to drain pipes and manholes are done, and the jet pumps are working to force waste into the septic tanks and treatment facilities. A sewer system can never be completely clean but regular maintenance will ensure that it is at least manageable.
  • Rehabilitation of sewer systems including not only modern, state of the art technology of recent times but also sewer systems that date as far back as six century B.C. for the Romans. Sewer systems back then where known as aqueducts and they provided vital functions just as they do today. To properly manage and inspect the sewer line for such old facilities it’s best to get an archaeological expert.
  • Sewage treatment consists of removing contaminants from waste and sewage. If the treatment is done properly it is possible to use the water cleaned of containments or waste again. On space stations usage of sewage cleaned of contaminants for drinking water is common.

    Sewer systems have been around for ages and they continue to improve as time goes on. Cities realize the importance of a good waste treatment line in modern times and work to upkeep the systems that they have.

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