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Types of Specialties Within the Appraisal Industry

If you want an appraisal done on the old antique clock on the mantle, then you need an antique appraiser, not a real estate appraiser. Because an appraiser has to be highly specialized in their field, there are many different types. You should always consult with an appraiser who specializes in the item you need appraised. Several of them are listed below.

  • Real Estate – A real estate appraiser can tell you the value of your home, either for selling, mortgage or tax purposes. For example, in a time when most people feel their tax district is charging them outrageous property taxes on home values that continue to fall, an appraisal can be done to re-estimate the value of the home. Then a complaint can be lodged with the district in order to change the amount of property taxes.
  • Antique – There are many different specializations within antique appraisers. Some specialize in furniture, others in old toys, lamps or books. If you believe you have a valuable antique, have it appraised for insurance purposes at least.
  • Jewelry – Like fashion, jewelry styles do change over time. Some types of jewelry qualify as antiques, and you might need a specialty jewelry appraisal done on old pieces you have inherited from your grandmother. As with other valuables, jewelry should be appraised for insurance purposes.
  • Art – Art is highly collectible, and sadly counterfeit pieces are sold in growing numbers. If you have bought a piece at an auction and are not sure of it's origin or worth, have an appraisal done. Not only can a qualified professional tell you it's true value, they can also assess if the art is genuine, or a finely made fake.

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