Lighting Fixtures Repairing & Maintenance in 03079 Zip Code
FAQs About Lighting Fixtures Repairing and Maintenance
The following questions are commonly asked about lighting fixture repair and maintenance:

How do I tell if my lighting fixture is broken?
The easiest way to tell if a lighting fixture like a chandelier is broken is that the light will not work. Since this could also be due to a broken light bulb, it is always best to remove and replace the bulb for single fixtures. If the light still does not work, then you know the problem is with the fixture itself. Track lighting systems that develop a wiring problem will typically loose power to several lights at once.

How do I repair my lighting fixture?
Unless you are an electrician, it is not recommended that you mess around with electrical systems. It could be dangerous, especially if one of the wires is a live wire, which refers to a broken wire that is still creating an electric charge.Accidentally touching a live wire can cause a severe electrical shock. If the problem goes beyond simple light bulb repair, call an electrician. It may be that the system needs to be rewired, or the fixture itself needs rewiring.

How do I maintain my lighting fixtures?
Installing luxury lighting fixtures like crystal chandeliers or a track lighting system is an expensive purchase, but one that many homeowners feel is worth the cost. Preserve your lighting fixtures by keeping them clean and regularly dusting them. Once they are installed, leave them alone. Do not allow small children to try and throw objects at them, since this could damage either the casing or the wiring.

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