Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts in 03079 Zip Code
Common Terms for Frozen Desserts
Frozen desserts such as ice cream, snow cones and Popsicle novelties are welcome treats during the hot summer months. If you are curious about the various kinds of frozen confections available to you, then you might enjoy this list of terms for different frozen treats:

Gelato: A type of Italian ice cream characterized by its density and richness. Although it contains similar custard based ingredients as American ice cream, gelato typically has a slightly higher sugar content and a slightly lower butter fat content. Gelato gets its celebrated richness from the freezing process, which leaves very little air in the finished product.

Sorbet: A dense, frozen dessert made from fruit puree, sugar, water and sometimes a liqueur or wine. Sorbets can have a dense texture similar to ice cream, but sorbets have no milk fat. Sorbets typically have a bright, acidic flavor and are used as palate cleansers at the end of meals or during multi-course meals.

Sherbet: A frozen dairy dessert that contains one to two percent butter fat in the form of milk or cream, and is typically fruit flavored.

Frozen Yogurt: A cultured and fermented milk based frozen dessert that can be served in either soft-serve form or in the hard frozen form typically associated with ice cream. Frozen yogurt is usually thought of as being a lower calorie alternative to ice cream, and can be a tart product similar in flavor to standard yogurt, or a sweet product similar to ice cream.

Soft Serve: Ice cream with a texture somewhere between a standard hard ice cream and a milkshake. Soft serve is ice cream that is channeled through a freezing machine in order to achieve the desired temperature, and then pumped through a draw valve, which churns the product and mixes it with air in order to achieve the correct consistency.

Granita: An Italian frozen dessert that is made from sugar, water and a type of flavoring. Granita differs from sorbet in that it is a coarser frozen desert, with larger ice crystals and a snowy texture.

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