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Tips for Using Firewood
There is nothing more romantic or homey than a roaring fire in a fireplace. Firewood retailers offer different types of wood suitable for different types of burning apparatuses, such as fire places, campfires and smokers. If you have a functioning wood fireplace and are interested in building a proper fire, then these answers to a few frequently asked questions might be helpful:

Is burning firewood environmentally safe?
If the wood is cut and selected in a sustainable manner, then the burning of firewood is no more harmful to the environment than allowing the wood to decompose naturally on the forest floor, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America. If the wood isn't chemically treated, stained or painted, it is perfectly environmentally safe.

How do I start a fire?
To start a chimney fire, begin by placing crumbled newspaper on the rack, surround it with kindling wood, then light the newspaper and allow the kindling to catch. Once the kindling has caught fire and the newspaper burned itself out, then place the logs on the flames, starting with the thinnest logs and working up to the larger ones.

Can I use firewood to smoke food?
Certain kinds of firewood are good for smoking, the most common being oak and pecan. Smoke woods and fire woods aren't interchangeable, since one typically doesn't want a wood that produces heavy smoke in a fireplace. Some types of firewood contain toxins that can be transferred into food, making it unsuitable for smoking. Do not use any wood from conifers for smoking, such as pine, fir, spruce, cedar or cypress.

Where should wood be stored?
Wood should be store wherever it can be kept dry. Sometimes having wood outside in the fresh air helps to keep it dry. However, if there is a danger of insect infestation into the wood, it is best to keep it indoors. Keeping wood covered indoors traps moisture inside the logs. Only cover wood when outdoors when it is raining.

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